Sunday, July 22, 2007

Duck Day

Moving on to Duck Day (we're running behind because of having our accident -- which shook me -- plus having to clean the house for a big party we had here Thursday). Today I read Natalie "The Prayer of the Little Ducks" poem at naptime. Timely, since we had just come from church. The kids are having dinner tonight and then we're going to take them outside and have a rousing family day of Duck, Duck, Goose!


P.S. Since we're so behind I am going to ditch my previous plans for Part II of Oceans and just spend this week on shells (which I think is something I had secretly been hoping to do). We're taking Natalie every evening this week to VBS from 6:30 to 8:30 pm with communal dinnertime beforehand at 5:30, so some leisurely shell activities and beach walks will be perfect. The only other thing I have to do for Oceans is write up my sub plans for when Steve takes the kids to the Connecticut. And then the second week in August is another summer camp, this one at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp entitled "Stories from Nature". The final two weeks of the month we are doing Famous Artists. Should be fun!

P.P.S. New furniture going into the schoolroom. First thing we discovered we needed was a trash can! After that, I added two end tables, a bookcase, the angel candleholder from Nova Natural, and my dulcimer. It's getting very cozy in there. I'm thinking that all we need now is some hanging plants and a class pet. Maybe a hermit crab... would go well with our theme and the door stays closed all the time so there is no fear that he/she would be eaten by a cat.

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