Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vegetarians In the Making?

Today at lunch, while chewing on her drumstick, Leah said to me, "I want to grow chicken in the ground."

Whereupon I said, "Chicken doesn't grow in the ground."

"Where does chicken come from?"

"From an animal."

"Which animal?"


Loooong pause.

"How does a chicken make chicken?" Natalie piped up.

"Chickens don't make chicken; chickens are chicken. We eat the body of a chicken. The part you're eating is the leg of the chicken. It has bones in it just like your leg."

So we'll let that simmer and see what comes of it. I don't have a problem with vegetarianism, mostly because I think it's more healthful and it's cheaper. But my husband likes meat, so if I end up with three diehard non-meat eaters, it will be two separate entrees every night for a while, I guess. At least until they're old enough to make their own food (which is what my mom had me do when I wanted to be a vegetarian). Alternatively, I guess, he could make his own dinner each night, since he'd be the odd man out!

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free soul arts said...

My friend's daughter, who up to this point was an avid meat eater, sat causally watching her mother make supper. My friend had just stuffed a chicken and was about to put the pan in the oven when her daughter suddenly yelled "what is that?" "It's chicken, we eat it all the time" "It looks like a baby!" came the horrified reply. The daughter no longer eats anything "that had a face or a mother". Another vegetarian is born.