Saturday, September 15, 2007

Autumn: Nuts

This week in preschool we are doing "Nuts."

Complete Booklist:
Eurythmy for the Young Child: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
The Nature Corner: Celebrating the Years Cycle With a Seasonal Tableau
Painting with Children
Earthways: Simple Environmental Activities for Young Children
The Breathing Circle: Learning Through the Movement of Natural Breath

Eurythmy for the Young Child -
    The Earth is Firm Beneath My Feet, page 91
    We Love One Another, page 91
    Autumn Leaves, page 43
    Jack Hall, page 95
    Birds in the Air, page 96
    Little Leaves Fall Gently Down, page 43
    Over Branches Without a Rest, page 43
    Whisky, Frisky, page 44
    What's Your Hurry, Mr. Squirrel?, page 44

set up Nature table (The Nature Corner tableau #8, "Autumn")

add items from Nature walk to Nature table display

"Colour" - Painting with Children, page 47

"Nature's People" activity - Earthways, page 31

"The Breathing Circle" story - The Fire Faery, page 132

"Lanterns" activity - Earthways, page 33

for me to do -
"The spider in her web"
Fire Faery from magic wool
order candle decorating wax

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