Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clothing Swap

Today was a big day in our house, the annual "getting out the winter clothes from storage and packing up the summer clothes" routine. We also swapped out the two younger girls into the next larger size. So all of Leah's clothes become Rebecca's overnight. This makes it hard for a while when sorting laundry. :-) But Leah is moving up to 4T (her birthday is in November) so we got all of Natalie's clothes from the previous year out and she tried them on, plus a big bin of 4T winter stuff we got off Freecycle. Natalie still fits into her 5T stash from last year. Her birthday is in March so we usually end up getting her winter clothes in the next size around January or so, which works well because they are all on sale by then. It is a very exciting day for the girls to get new clothes, or to see old favorites again, and they are completely worn out. The shoe swap has to happen too, so I will try to head over to Stride Rite this afternoon and get everyone sized.

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