Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Strange Things

I've heard of people doing some strange things while driving but today beat them all. I actually watched a man shuck an ear of corn in his car! Amazing.

School has ground to a halt for my preschool kiddos. No apple picking, no activities at the community center, we are just staying home and trying not to spread the chicken pox around. Lots of playing outside in the morning, lunch, naps, picking up Natalie from school, and playing inside in the afternoon. I found out today while talking to Natalie's teacher that they are talking about dinosaurs in school. Apparently, they even did a fossil dig in their sandbox. So when I got home I dug out a Giant Golden Book (from 1979) about dinosaurs and gave it to N to look at. She was thrilled! At snacktime she confided, shyly, drawing a circle on the table with one fingertip -- "Mommy, I think... [hesitating]... I am an expert at finding dinosaur bones." I thought that was so cute. :-)

Of course I'm thinking about field trips to go along with this theme. Mostly, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

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