Monday, September 3, 2007

Watkins Regional Park

The children and I spent three lovely hours this morning at Watkins Regional Park. I'm so glad I found out about this park -- it is right by Claggett Farm, our CSA. We first went to the Old Maryland Farm which, unfortunately, was closed. We did get to see the peacocks through the fence though. We bypassed the carousel and train ride and went next to the playground. Then a picnic lunch and a trip to the nature center. It's a huge park with a lot to do and I hope we go back soon.

I met another Waldorf mom, which was really nice, and she gave me some info from the Bringing Waldorf Home Waldorf conference I had missed. :-( Maybe next year. She also gave me some red wiggler worms! (THANKS!) I am so excited about this and am logging off right now to go set up their bin and feed them a piece of banana.

Vermi-Composting information at (includes video).

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Truffula said...

The NYC Compost Project website has a nice step-by-step "quick-start" guide to worm composting:

For harvesting the castings, I use a variation on this technique:

The good news (and the bad news) is that the reduction in material volume is tremendous -- you can go quite a while without needing to harvest. What's bad about that? From a gardening perspective, it will take some time before you have an appreciable amount of castings. There are worse problems to have. :-)