Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cardboard Loom

Humility Cooper (Natalie's Pilgrim name) was so enthralled by her weaving project on her cardboard loom that she didn't want to get in the car to come home from school today. :-) A cardboard loom from a box is fun and easy to make.

Today is Leah's birthday dinner so I'm off to tidy up the living room. As far as I know she is getting a tricycle from one grandma, silks from the other, and a board game and book of poetry from us. Happy Birthday, Leah! I dislike making the standard birthday cake each year (this is probably because my mother made us the same cake with the same frosting over and over) so I usually find alternative desserts. Her birthday party featured "cow pie" cookies and tonight we will be enjoying a pumpkin streusel pie with four candles in it. :-)


Sally said...

I love your blog! I "met" you way back before you re-did your website. I am on the yahoo group, and have your blog on my own blogroll (I hope you don't mind!). I so very much enjoy how you have, with such fluidity and grace, incorporated Waldorf learning with your faith and life. I have several questions, but thank you for sharing with us all! ~Sally

Renee said...

Hi Sally,

You can feel free to write to me with questions. Thanks for your kind words!