Monday, November 5, 2007

O is for Opal, P is for Prince

We've gone a little further in our alphabet book. O is the magic pebble, an opal as it turns out. P is the pouting purple prince who eats purple popcorn. Once he helped someone and stopped being selfish, he was magically transported back to his family (he had previously been stranded on the beach in a huge empty purple palace).

We are continuing with mulching work -- which the children LOVE. Natalie "fed" our bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter today: 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk. I was on a big organizing streak and sorted through all my scrapbook supplies, rubber stamps, and cardmaking stuff. I also did a ton of loads of laundry. One of the online purchases I made through the waldorfcurriculum-supplies Yahoo group was a bag of felt scraps. This turned out to be long thin strips of different felt colors, which I immediately put to use in my "Pin the Tail on the Cow" party game for Leah. I had been thinking of making a large cow outline on a sheet and I wanted to use fabric and sew the pieces down, thereby making a decorated cow sheet which she could keep and use on her bed each night. A nice momento of the party. And, if you really wanted to get creative, you could sew down each of the tails that the cousins put on (in their wrong, funny locations) and put the name and age. Or you could just put one tail in the proper spot, fasten it down, and give it to her to use on her bed. Either way she is very excited about it and I have a ton of hand sewing in front of me. I called my friend Jenn to find out how many teats a cow has on her udder and she probably thought it was the strangest message she had ever gotten. :-) But I worked very hard on that cow and I want it to look right, you know?

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