Saturday, December 22, 2007

Clementines and Dimes

It's the funniest thing... all of a sudden I am so excited about Christmas! I have been plodding along for nearly a month now, making lists and putting things off and not really feeling the Christmas spirit. But 5 minutes ago I just started thinking about how I have to go to the grocery store to buy clementines for the stockings and to see if I have four 2007 dimes (also for the toe of the stockings) and I began jumping up and down, so happy it is Christmas time!!! It will be a small Christmas for us, with each girl only getting one gift, but it will still be a very happy time. Monday morning we will do the final round of giftmaking and then at 2:30 when the children get up from their naps we will pack and head over to the Libertini's for an early Christmas Eve dinner, followed by the 5 pm children's service at Trinity, and then I get to try to get all those excited children to fall asleep in the same room. :-) After they go to bed we will put gifts under the tree and in stockings. Nancy is so excited about having the children open their gifts at her house and I am really happy too; I think it will be so much fun for everyone. The court has ordered that Steve gets the children Christmas Day at noon and I have been invited by another friend to spend Christmas dinner with them so I won't be on my own.

I'm so glad to be falling back in love with this holiday all over again, and I am really looking forward to a wonderful time with my children.

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