Friday, December 21, 2007

Hair Bows Galore

The girls are all playing at doing their hair -- I set up a drawer in the bathroom with all their hair brushes and our assortment of hair clips. The three little girls look so cute lined up on their stools, working hard at "being beautiful." I think it's adorable when they have bows all over their heads, beaming with delight; "Mama, look at me!"

For snack today we made Blueberry Banana Bread. Leah also helped me with a cooking project this morning, tearing up sourdough bread for a crockpot Irish Cheese Pudding (a savory bread pudding with sourdough bread, eggs, cheddar cheese, and chicken stock, plus half and half, a pinch of cayenne, and some sweet mustard). Today was a big Laundry Day, since the girls have to pack up for a weekend with their dad. We started by practicing sorting dirty laundry into dark and light. Then sorting clean clothes by size into four piles. Finally, putting away clothes in the proper drawers and choosing two outfits plus pajamas to pack in the blue suitcase. I know they are learning a lot of useful skills doing these jobs AND they love to help out around the house!

Today I vacuumed downstairs for the first time. Vacuuming was always my husband's job. So was taking out the trash... something I get to experience for the first time this weekend!

Rebecca requested a yellow scarf from Santa at the last minute... yikes! I don't have time to knit one (plus I have to finish Leah's doorway puppet theater this weekend) so it looks like it will be a fun and exciting wet felting project. I plan to use cheesecloth since I don't have any silk gauze.

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