Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Frenzy

Something new for us... the responsibility of providing a valentine for every child in the class. Can't afford store bought valentines but don't have time to hand make 14. And I had forgotten about V-Day because we were so focused on Japan. In the car on the way to get Natalie from school I came up with the solution. What do we have 14 of in the house? Clementines! And clementine, luckily, rhymes with valentine. Her teacher specified that she needed to hand-write the name of each boy and girl in the class and sign each card by hand so that's already a lot of writing -- I printed out cheerful sayings on a sheet of address labels and we put a clementine in each baggie with a card upon which Natalie had written her name and the name of the recipient, folded the baggies over and sealed each with a sticker. Done. She also decorated the cards with some stickers we had on hand since it took her less time to write the names of her friends than I had feared. Apparently she's been practicing them in class because that's what she really really wants to learn how to write. My original plan had been to stencil a heart on each card and fill them in by gluing vintage buttons... still a cute plan but voted too time-consuming. Next year.

Here's a clementine for you, Valentine!

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