Friday, September 26, 2008

The Economy

Well, it looks like my grandparents were right. We all should have been living all this time with the lessons of the Great Depression. I am lucky because I am so poor that all I have is $113.00 in the bank. I am grateful that I am not watching my investments go down the drain. Stocking up on food and water and medicine. What else can you do? Oh, and make sure you have a back up source of heat in case the whole entire world goes back to the Dark Ages. :-)

My neighbors have horses so I can take a child to the hospital if I need to. Of course, the hospitals will probably be out of power and out of medicine. Thus comes the great Pandemic Flu...

Doomsday Prophesies always seem rather silly. Makes you think, though, about what would happen if all the civilization we take for granted crumbles.

I hope that people stay safe and healthy, whatever happens.

It seems silly to be talking recipes when the world is coming to an end, but I will still share. The food pantry gives us a choice of Corn Flakes or Oatmeal each week and since my kids won't eat the Corn Flakes, I always get the other. You can use them in the regular way as a hot cereal, make oatmeal raisin cookies, oatmeal bread, granola, granola bars, even oatmeal baths. So today I went hunting for a fresh source of Granola Recipes and here is the one I am going to try today: Cinnamon Stovetop Granola. I am intrigued by the stovetop preparation method.

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