Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waldorf Education Resources series

I just found a new batch of books that I don't remember ever seeing on Amazon before. They are all part of a series called "Waldorf Education Resources" and the authors are John Blackwood and Charles Kovacs. There are 12 (as of today) and they all look to be for the older grades, which is nice because it can be hard to find resources for those grades. Oh, how my fingers are itching to hit Add to Cart! I will resist the temptation, though, and merely list them here for future reference.

Two by John Blackwood on Mathematics:

for Class 7
details the main lesson blocks
* Geometry in nature

* Pythagoras

* Platonic solids

* Rhythm and cycles

for Class 8

Ten by Charles Kovacs:

for Class 4
(scheduled to be released August 20, 2009)

for Class 4 & 5

for Class 5 & 6

for Class 5 & 6

for Class 6

for Class 7

for Class 7 & 8

for Class 8

for Class 11

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