Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paper Scissors Stone

I'm finding now, as I need to buy main lesson books in bulk for my classroom of 13 students, that Paper Scissors Stone is much cheaper than A Child's Dream Come True. A MLB is $3.50 at a Child's Dream; it is $2.25 a Paper Scissors Stone. That's a substantial price difference! I'm looking at the 12x9 inch size. I like the rounded corners and the variety of cover colors. I need 13 for our first Language Arts block (Capital Letters/Fairy Tales for 1st grade & Fables for 2nd grade). Our Language color is going to be Golden.

I'm also going to get two of the rolled beeswax candle kits (10 sheets each) so we can make our own candles for circle time, one of the 12 color boxes of Stockmar modeling beeswax, and a box of 16 Stockmar stick crayons.

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