Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Second Grade

Obviously, I teach both first and second grade in my classroom, as well as third grade Old Testament Stories for Sunday School, so I have a lot of notes to make as I get ready for this year! Don't we all. :-)

This is my version of the outline for the Second Grade year. This is using the Language Arts/Math/Social Studies/Science main lesson block rotation with the exception of December which is where I stuck Grammar. By December, your child should be learning how to read. If your child is not reading by halfway through the second grade year, please consider some outside evaluation. There are excellent remedial books available which are consistent with the Waldorf philosophy; Bob & Nancy's Bookshop ( has an entire section devoted to these resources. Continue with Knitting. Crochet is the new handwork learned this year.

September: Aesop's Fables
(don't forget Arthur Auer's book on modeling for this block)

October: Shapes & Number Patterns

November: Native American Legends
(far north, pacific northwest, southwest)

December: Grammar

January: Hibernation & Migration, Animal Homes

February: Saints and Virtuous People, Jataka Tales

March: Column Algorithms, Word Problems

April: Native American Legends
(northern plains, southern plains, southeast, northeast)

May: Thornton Burgess
(and on through the summer, especially nature walks with a sketchbook)

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