Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Shop: Rjabinnik


I have to pass this one along. Okay, so the story goes like this. I want to get my girls something for their Easter baskets. Money is tight, so I want to use my $25.00 PayPal gift certificate. It can't be used for shipping, so I google "Waldorf store PayPal free shipping" because I have to pay with PayPal and I can't afford the shipping, just $25.00 worth of goods. And guess what I found? A darling little Etsy shop: Rjabinnik. This one is specializing in hand-made (hand-carved, sanded, painted, finished with beeswax, rubbed with felt) wooden figures designed by his wife and carved in his woodshop in the Czech Republic -- and he offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide! I was drooling over this stuff. He gives lots of photos, the measurements of each item, and they are very reasonably priced. The Plantain Fairy, the Wild Thyme fairy, and the Calendula fairy will shortly be living in our home. $9.00 apiece and that's $27.00 minus $25.00 which leaves $2.00 and my PayPal balance was $2.21 so it is perfect. And I will be back for sure to shop some more. His wife has her own Etsy store and is apparently a big felter but I didn't look for fear I would be tempted into dipping into my rent money. :-) Another time...

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