Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stories from Dorothy Harrer

This is the first year I have used the stories from Verses and Poems and Stories to Tell by Dorothy Harrer and it has been excellent. So far we have read

The Prince Who Could Not Read
The Secret and Magic Name of the King
The Princess of the Golden Stairs

"The Secret and Magic Name of the King" was perfect on the 2nd day to review the form from the first day (vertical straight line) as we stood up straight and tall and stated, "I am the King!" But of these three, "The Princess of the Golden Stairs" has by far been my favorite. And the children burst into spontaneous applause when it was done. Leah told me that at the end of the day she spent some time on the staircase at the school pretending to be each of the three brothers climbing the staircase.

In searching for a link to this book, I found a very helpful blog post called Great Fairy Tales for Waldorf First Grade, which includes suggestions for the letters of the alphabet and the qualities of numbers. I'm extremely pleased to pass it along for all of you planning that first grade year. Enjoy!

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