Thursday, October 14, 2010

Montessori Great Lessons - Passport

This is strictly a Montessori post -- regarding the Five Great Lessons. In my teacher training ( we were asked to come up with our own new spin on the Great Lessons. Hah! This is a tried and true dyed in the wool steadfast unchanging part of the Montessori curriculum for Lower Elementary. What new could I possibly add? But then I remembered that in Kindergarten at our school the children do a World Tour and they have a paper passport booklet that gets stamped with a stamp representing each country as they "travel" and study places all around the world. And I thought, you could do a Time Travel kind of passport for these history lessons.

Here are some ideas (as I brainstorm this for the first time -- I actually last night couldn't sleep because I got excited about purchasing a stamp collection for this so that next year we can try it). These links are all from

The First Great Lesson
The Beginning of the Universe and Earth

Day One: The Milky Way

Day Two: Rain

The Second Great Lesson
Life Comes to Earth

Day One: Trilobite

or Fish

Day Two: Dragonfly

or Frog

or Fern

Day Three: Flowering Plant

or Bird

or Mammal

The Third Great Lesson
Humans Come to Earth

Day One: Human Brain

Day Two: Fire

Day Three: Arrowhead

The Fourth Great Lesson
How Writing Began

Day One: Hieroglyphs

Day Two: Alphabet

or Japanese Script

The Fifth Great Lesson
How Numbers Began

Day One: Handprints

Day Two: Number 7

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