Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Last year we were struggling so much financially that the only way I could get my girls gifts was if, each time I had a subscription to my website, I bought one set of dollhouse furniture. I did this until I had enough sets of furniture to give each girl two for Christmas and that was what they got... two boxes each. This year I am having a bit more fun but still staying thrifty. Natalie is in 2nd grade and has the itch to learn to crochet, so I'll go on eBay and look for some nice quality sturdy vintage crochet hooks for her. I've got yarn. I also have a cool wooden dragon marionette and a nice knitting kit for her. Becca wants sewing scissors and a pincushion, some buttons, and fabric... so ditto on the vintage supplies. I love those little scissors shaped like a bird. Leah is getting a mini sewing machine from Hearthsong and some fabric, along with a puzzle. Plus she is really into finger knitting so I'm getting her some nice yarn as well. They are all getting three books. I am making them ornaments for the tree (I give each child an ornament each year) and I'm taking them skiing as their BIG gift. I think Christmas is going to be fantastic.

3 books + 3 gifts + 1 ornament + the ski trip

I laid it all out on the bed to see if everyone matched. I only needed to find two things so I went online to Blueberry Forest Toys and did some shopping. Stockmar Modeling Beeswax for Leah and a nice wooden board game (the Find Your Way puzzle game) for Rebecca. The board game was on clearance for just $3.99! They take PayPal so that's also convenient.

I'm getting so excited for the holidays; my next post will be about a new Christmas tradition I'm starting this year.

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