Friday, November 12, 2010

"Gingerbread Man"

Our next play is "Gingerbread Man" from Festivals Family and Foodpage 97. Instead of having a script, each child will tell the story from memory. We are doing felt finger puppets -- a set of 8 for each person. We'll tell the story to the smaller children in PreK, each of my students paired up with one of the little ones, and this way the smaller children can participate if they'd like to wear a puppet on one of their fingers and help chase the Gingerbread Man. Then we will string the finger puppets to be ornaments! I think it will be so nice to give each family a full set of the puppets so that they can act out the story at home over the holidays.

For the animal puppet templates, we are using Suzanne Down's wonderful book, Around the World with Finger Puppet Animals.

Cat p.81
Dog p.79
Cow p.67
Horse p.69
Wolf p.137
(Fox - use red felt, white tipped tail)

For the gingerbread man you can find a template here and resize it as you wish (copy and paste into Word, then move your cursor to the button on the corner of the "box" around the image and pull your cursor diagonally towards the center of the page to make the image proportionally smaller).

For the old man and old woman you can find a doll pattern/shape here and then dress it with clothing as desired. Resize using the directions above.

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