Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My Yahoo Group hit 900 people today!

I am back from vacation (snorkeling, sailing, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and visiting the beautiful Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York) and made a small change to the pricing structure on the website. Instead of $30.00 every six months, I've changed the subscription fee to $45.00 for the school year. It does NOT auto-renew. I've also added a new option, which is Consulting. Many people have asked for email support during the school year so I have added a consulting option which provides this, a FREE subscription to the website so that you can download whatever you need, plus use of my lending library if you want to borrow a book and see it before you decide whether to buy it, and more!

I hope these new pricing options are convenient for people. I also accept money orders if you prefer not to use PayPal, and barter if you prefer to pay by way of some product that your family produces. I've received wonderful items this way, including a beautiful Waldorf doll, hand-knitted play kitchen food, a fairy dollhouse and set of flower fairies, and dress up costumes for my girls. My children are older now so I'm not in need of toys, but I still think that barter is a lovely option.

In a few days I'll be attending some Waldorf training for parents homeschooling in grades 5 & 6 so if you have any particular questions that you want me to ask at the workshop, I'd be happy to do so and pass on the responses.

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