Saturday, September 10, 2011

Telling, Resting, Composition

Some more details on the rhythms of storytelling...

When I went to Barbara Dewey's homeschool training this summer, our presenter (grades 5/6) was saying that they have a homeschool coop that they participate in each Friday, so that takes a day out of their rhythm. So she does this:

Monday - story, draw picture for MLB
Tuesday - retelling of story and composition, tell the next story
Wednesday and Thursday repeat Tuesday

So that's how she fits in three stories each week. On Monday, since there's extra time, they do Form Drawing before the storytelling for the day.

We do two stories per week, as I described in the last post, and have Cooking on Wednesday. Of course, instead of being able to tell another story we have the Montessori individual work time. But I can attest to the fact that retelling orally, composing your own summary, and illustrating the story REALLY works for helping children to learn content and they love it as well! It is always so fun to make your own books. I, personally, love doing the chalkboard drawings too, on Day 2. (I don't have the children do their drawing on Day 1, I just tell the story and let it rest. Then, on Day 2, I can move around and help children with their composition pieces while other children are working on their drawings.) It always makes the classroom look so beautiful and I find that it helps guide children who have only ever learned to draw by outlining.

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