Thursday, January 2, 2014

Missing and New Resources

I'm working on updating and revitalizing the site (in response to multiple requests that I fix broken links -- which were completely justified) and will be moving some content from the main site to this blog to help streamline things.

One nice thing about doing this work is that I find new resources! One not-so-nice thing is that I find some things have disappeared.

For example, when I was looking for The Educational Tasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf CurriculumI found that a new edition is about to be printed and will shortly be released, in Spring 2014! Preorder from Bob & Nancy's Bookshop in the U.S. or Floris Books in the U.K.

I couldn't find the AWSNA bookstore anywhere (have they closed it down?) but Floris Books carries AWSNA publications. However, they don't seem to have the old poster that was so helpful: "The Waldorf School Curriculum: An Overview for American Waldorf School Teachers."

It was wonderful for homeschoolers! Anyone know if this is still in print?

Update: Located at the AWSNA Bookstore which is still around!

Also, I was unable to find Roy Wilkinson's "The Curriculum of the Rudolf Steiner School" from 1919. Again, is this still around?

Update: Located at Bob & Nancy's Bookshop!

Thank you, Eva, for your help!


Eva said...

Hi Rhoda,

Here is the link to the bookstore. It is still around!

Eva said...

Sorry, the link didn't work. Let's try this again. Here is the link to the charts in the bookstore.

Eva said...

Waldorf Books has the Wilkinson book.

Rhoda said...

Thanks for the link to the Bob & Nancy's Bookstore offering. I checked there, putting "Roy Wilkinson" in the search box, and it didn't come up. Thanks for discovering the book!

Eva said...

I don't think their search function works very well. I always check their categories when looking for a book.