Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eurythmy Videos

Looking for resources beyond books? Resources that will show you what eurythmy looks like in action?

I have great eurythmy books including

and a DVD called "Eurythmy: Balance of Body and Soul."

Bob & Nancy's Bookshop has a great selection in homeschool/curriculum resources (and make sure you look at the Eurythmy page in the anthroposophy section as well). They also carry a eurythmy DVD.

I love reading about the theory and participating when I go to Waldorf conferences but I find it very reassuring to see it in action at home as well.

With all of that said, how can Youtube help us, especially when homeschoolers want to use eurythmy (the art of speech made visible) to support the teaching of the letters?

Some suggestions... and feel free to use the comment box to share your favorites!

Update 04/19/16:
My Pinterest page of Eurythmy links

And this beautiful deck of Eurythmy Figures Cards

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