Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

It is exciting to announce that I may be able to go to back to homeschooling!

Let's see... since I posted last I moved to Southern Illinois, started a new job, met a wonderful man, got engaged, got married, and discovered that we were expecting! The three girls are currently 10, 11, and 12... and we are having a little boy due Memorial Day! So now life is rearranged and good good things are happening. I'd love to start blogging again so here goes.

Today in Southern Illinois we are having Snow.

The girls are in a wonderful progressive school (for right now) and have a friend over. He and they are needle felting, having gone outside and covered themselves in snow and come back in to warm up and have hot chocolate. I finally decided the girls were old enough to move from wet felting to dry (although we made Soap in a Sweater for everyone for Christmas so they still love wet felting too) and gave everyone a starting craft kit in their stockings. It is all the rage in our house!!!

By the way, when we wet felt with the little soaps you get in a hotel, I usually have the kids wrap some wool yarn around the wool roving to help it hold in place. It simply felts and becomes part of the design and if you tie it like a little present, it looks adorable felted on to the base color.

I am knitting a baby blanket with a nice simple but pretty pattern in Antique Cream -- last time I was pregnant I hadn't discovered Waldorf yet and didn't know how to knit -- and just took a Mixed Berry Cobbler out of the oven.

I had today off work anyway for the holiday so it is lovely to be home snowed in and relaxing. I'm just finishing my second trimester and feeling very nesting-ish and cozy. Little Baby Scallion isn't yet making my back hurt or keeping me up at night, so I want to get as much done as possible too. I'm so fortunate that my new house, which we bought from my grandparents in order to keep it in the family after my grandmother passed away, has a big downstairs room which we have turned into a library. A LIBRARY! I've always wanted one, ever since I was a little girl. It's not in alphabetical order yet but there is still time. I had given most of my picture books away, or left them at Tidewater when I moved, not knowing I'd ever have another baby, so I need to start my Caldecott collection again!

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