Friday, July 31, 2015

Coffee Bean Crafts

Woke up this morning feeling very craft-y for some reason. First up, starting a houseplant from a pineapple top. Natalie and I tried this unsuccessfully last school year, but I think these instructions are better. Next, my husband gave me some extra coffee beans from local business Steam Shovel Coffee and I went looking for coffee bean crafts. LOVED the concept behind the sunflower wreath but I wanted something simpler so I went with the candleholder.

Finally, the baby has discovered his feet. He stares and stares at them but can't yet grab them. I want to sew him two simple felt ankle bracelets (strip of wool felt which fastens with snaps) with jingle bells on them. I have some bells leftover from Christmas crafts. To avoid a choking hazard, you would never put a child down and leave him/her unattended while wearing these.

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Rhoda said...

Started these Thursday; first roots on Sunday!