Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wishlist Math Books

Just purchased my three wish list math books for this school year:

These are all supplemental materials. I find Math the most difficult subject to teach, No, it's not difficult for my children to learn, but I find it hard to get excited about teaching it. Just look at all the math resources I already own, and yet I find myself scratching my head and not sure what to do each day.

25 Plays Inspired By Waldorf Teachersedited by David Mitchell has a science/mathematics play for Grade 7 called "The Order of the Heavens."

Of course, I also have Eric Fairman's Path of Discovery volume 8: grade 8, as well as his A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematic Resource for grades 1-8, Dorothy Harrer's Math Lessons for the Elementary Grades (1-6), Roy Wilkinson's book on Teaching Mathematics and a lot of books for the earlier years, such as Henning Andersen's Active Arithmetic.

Hopefully once we get into the school year I will find my enthusiasm for this very important subject!!!!

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