Thursday, November 17, 2016

Recipe Time!

I'm NOT interested in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Last year I made my first-ever Thanksgiving dinner. I roasted a 21# turkey and the girls made all of the sides and I was very proud of it... but it ended up being a lot of family drama and a bad experience, so never again! We are having a simple Vegan Walnut-Lentil Loaf and a few vegetables and Tart Cranberry Cake for dessert.

So here is the full list of recipes for the upcoming week. I much prefer having my weekly recipes in a blog post instead of a million open tabs in my browser! So I hope nobody minds!! When money is tight I simply go through my fridge and cupboards and list all the ingredients I have on hand, then Google recipes which feature those ingredients. Here's the list for next week, our Autumn break. No homeschool co-op... just hanging out at home with my girls and the baby, cooking, cleaning the house, being peaceful, relaxing.

Hopefully this will be enough food for all those hungry girls who have a break from school and are just sitting around all day making their Christmas lists! :-)

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