Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter Prep

Well, guess who just realized that it is April! (That would be me.)

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and then it will be Easter! Time for some serious Easter prepping.

I just found all four of the baskets from last year (little ones for the older girls and a very big one for Zac) and two bags of paper Easter grass (one green, one purple) in my office.

I have Zac's Fagus car carrier from Nova Natural set aside for him, since happily it came in a box separate from the rest of his toy order. And I thought, oh, duh, I should save this for Easter!

I have a packet of natural Easter egg dyes.

And I have a bag in the kitchen cupboard of saved onion skins. Now what?

Oh, and I happen to have a box of books recently ordered from Amazon. (These books were NOT meant for Easter but luckily I have them! I weirdly seem to always shop for the children right before a holiday and give them the presents and then I have to run around thinking of something new once I realize Valentine's Day is coming, etc. This time I should be set UNLESS they have already looked through the box of books on the kitchen table -- which they probably already have -- in which case all they will have done is ruined their own surprise.)

for Zac, almost 2

for Becca, 12

for Leah, 13

for Natalie, 15

Oh, and I just bought Zac that gorgeous rainbow toddler broom from Camden Rose. I always wanted to have that broom for my girls when they were little! I have seriously lusted after it for 12 years. I'm so excited... he will LOVE it! So that's going in the save-for-Easter-morning pile too.

Obviously I don't want to spend any more money, but I want to do more (and have handmade things in their baskets), and so I have two strategies. The first is to scour Pinterest for cool new ideas; the second is to remind myself there are several crafts already on my personal craft wish list and for which I have the associated craft supplies already in my stash.

Here are my thoughts; feel free to chime in with your favorites and/or what you're currently working on late at night while the kids are asleep.

I love the idea of books and lotion bars and play kitchen foods and dyed Easter Eggs for everyone!

(And a pincushion for each of the big girls, and a broom and a toy truck for my little guy.)

To be honest, I think the girls will love the play foods in their Easter baskets just as much as he will. They sure have enjoyed the Lincoln Logs I got back out. So many of the things he has I saved from when they were little. But I gave my Elves and Angels play kitchen and all of our handmade foods away to a friend when she became a grandma. So we are starting all over again in that dept.

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!

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Renee said...

Just realized that I forgot about making an Easter basket for my mom... so we are making up a little care package to pop in the mail for her, including adorable Easter bunny art with Zac's pudgy toddler feet. One for me, one for each Grandma, one for his dad. Check this out... SO CUTE!