Friday, May 4, 2018

Science Club Updates

Local History & Geography:

Our field trip to participate in a local archeological dig got rained out, so we spent another week on the IDNR "People and Animals of Illinois' Past" bin. Next week we will either have another field trip opportunity (again, my plan is weather dependent) or dig into the IDNR "Illinois Mammals" bin, which we peeked into and it is chock-full of interesting animal skulls and furs!

Organic Chemistry:

We finished up Protein, added it to our binders, and started Fats and Oils.

  • watch parts 1-7 of Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe

      Into the Universe Intro
      Are We Alone?
      Possibilities of Extraterrestrial Life
      How Did Life Begin?
      The Key to Known Life
      Finding Alien Worlds
      Alien Constituents
  • crack open and compare duck egg and chicken egg
  • add Protein to binder
  • demonstration of Swirling Milk - we used a Qtip for the dish detergent
  • design follow-up experiment ("Which Type of Milk Swirls the Longest?" from page 152 of The Curious Kid's Science Book) using whole milk, soy milk, almond milk, and heavy cream
  • look at results of experiment

      whipping cream - 5 minutes 2.9 seconds
      almond milk - 4 minutes 57.7 seconds
      soy milk - 3 minutes 40.8 seconds
      whole milk - 1 minute 43.8 seconds
  • read "The Science Behind the Swirling Milk Experiment" from Go Science Girls; revisit the "Mix 'em Up" portion of Science of Eggs
  • look at simplistic Connectagons model of an arrangement of molecules with hydrophobic (water hating/fat loving) together and hydrophilic (water loving) together
  • Becca's theory: the heavy whipping cream has more fat, and less water, which means the dish detergent had less effect on the surface tension and therefore the colors were slower in mixing

the slooooooooow swirling in the heavy cream

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