Saturday, October 1, 2022

"You Choose" Series by Capstone Press

When I was at the public library with a student a few weeks ago, checking out books on Colonial America, I found a choose your own adventure book Colonial America: An Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur.

Today I started reading it with a tutoring client over Zoom and she loved it. She was extremely disappointed when our session was done. So of course I went to see if there were other books in the series. There are quite a few!

And, as I'm working on compiling them, I'm still finding more and more.

Here are some notes. I have tried to put them in order based on when the historical events happened (but without seeing the interior of the books):

Ancient China

by Terry Collins - J 931 COL

Building the Great Wall of China

by Allison Lassieur - J 951 LAS

Ancient Egypt

by Heather Adamson - J 932 ADA
2550 BCE (pyramid builders), mummy makers, Cleopatra

Ancient Greece

by William Caper - J 938 CAP
Athenian, Spartan

Ancient Rome

by Rachael Hanel - J 937 HAN

Life as a Gladiator

by Michael Burgan - J 796 BUR

Could You Escape the Tower of London?

by Blake Hoena

The Middle Ages

by Allison Lassieur - J 940.1 LAS
1100s, 1200s, 1300s

Life as a Knight

by Rachael Hanel - J 940.1 HAN
Crusades, Hundred Years' War, Peasants' War

Life as a Viking

by Allison Lassieur - J 948 LAS

The Golden Age of Pirates

by Bob Temple - J 910.4 TEM
1680s, 1690s, 1710s

Exploring the New World

by Melody Herr - J 970.01 HER
1492 Columbus, 1540 Coronado, 1682 La Salle

The Aztec Empire

by Elizabeth Raum - J 972 RAU

Colonial America

by Allison Lassieur - J 973.2 LAS
1645 Virginia, 1759 Massachusetts, 1774 Pennsylvania

The Salem Witch Trials

by Matt Doeden - J 133.4 DOE

The Boston Massacre

by Elizabeth Raum - J 973.3 RAU
apprentice to a wigmaker, British soldier, John Hancock's maid

The Battle of Bunker Hill

by Michael Burgan - J 973.3 BUR
Patriot soldier, British soldier, Boston civilian

Fighting for Independence

by Blake Hoena - J 973.3 HOE

The Revolutionary War

by Elizabeth Raum - J 973.3 RAU
Patriot spy, Patriot soldier, Loyalist

Spies of the American Revolution

by Elizabeth Raum - J 973.3 RAU

At the Battle of Yorktown

by Eric Mark Braun - J 973.3 BRA

Building a New Nation

by Allison Lassieur

Could You Escape the Paris Catacombs?

by Matt Doeden

The Battle of the Alamo

by Amie Jane Leavitt - J 976.4 LEA

Westward Expansion

by Allison Lassieur - J 978 LAS

The Oregon Trail

by Matt Doeden - J 978.02 DOE

The California Gold Rush

by Elizabeth Raum - J 979.4 RAU

Chinese Immigrants in America

by Kelley Hunsicker - J 973 HUN
mine for gold, build the railroad, settle in San Francisco's Chinatown

Building the Transcontinental Railroad

by Steven Otfinoski - J 385 OTF
Chinese laborer, Irish laborer, engineer for the Central Pacific

The Underground Railroad

by Allison Lassieur - J 973.7 LAS
slave, slave catcher, conductor on the Underground Railroad

The Civil War

by Matt Doeden - J 973.7 DOE
battle of Gettysburg, battle of Chancellorsville, siege of Vicksburg

Spies of the Civil War

by Michael Burgan - J 973.7 BUR

At the Battle of Bull Run

by Eric Mark Braun

At the Battle of the Ironclads

by Matt Doeden

At the Battle of Antietam

by Matt Doeden - J 973.7 DOE

The Story of Juneteenth

by Steven Otfinoski - J 305.8 OTF

Can You Survive the 1865 Sultana Disaster?

by Eric Braun
to be released January 2023

Can You Survive the Schoolchildren's Blizzard? [1888]

by Ailynn Collins - J 977 COL

Can You Survive the Johnstown Flood? [1889]

by Steven Otfinoski - J 974.8 OTF

Can You Survive the 1900 Galveston Hurricane?

by Jessica Gunderson

Can You Survive the Great San Francisco Earthquake? [1906]

by Ailynn Collins - J 979.4 COL

Can You Survive the 1910 Big Burn?

by Ailynn Collins
to be released January 2023

The Child Labor Reform Movement

by Steven Otfinoski - J 331.3 OTF
mill worker, factory worker, newsie

Orphan Trains

by Elizabeth Raum - J 362.7 RAU

Ellis Island

by Michael Burgan - J 304.8 BUR
Russian, Italian, German

German Immigrants in America

by Elizabeth Raum - J 973 RAU
Texas, Dakota Territory, Wisconsin

World War I

by Gwenyth Swain - J 940.3 SWA

Spies of World War I

by Michael Burgan - J 940.4 BUR

The Sinking of the Lusitania

by Steven Otfinoski - J 940.4 OTF

The Titanic

by Bob Temple - J 910.9 TEM

Can You Survive the Titanic?

by Allison Lassieur - J 910.9 LAS

Can You Survive the 1918 Flu Pandemic?

by Matthew Manning
to be released January 2023

Can You Survive the 1925 Tri-State Tornado?

by Matthew Manning
to be released January 2023

Building the Golden Gate Bridge

by Blake Hoena - J 624.2 HOE
bridge designer, laborer

Building the Empire State Building

by Allison Lassieur - J 974.7 LAS
assistant at the architecture firm, construction worker, water boy

The Harlem Renaissance

by Allison Lassieur - J 974.7 LAS
1919, 1920s, 1927

The Great Depression

by Michael Burgan - J 973.91 BUR
march on Washington, ride the rails, become a member of the CCC

The Dust Bowl

by Allison Lassieur - J 978.032 LAS
stay in Kansas, leave for California, work as a government photographer

Could You Escape Alcatraz?

by Eric Mark Braun


by Elizabeth Raum - J 940.53 RAU
Marine at Pearl Harbor, sailor at D-Day, enlisted man on the "Bismark"

World War II Spies

by Michael Burgan - J 950.54 BUR

Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II

by Elizabeth Raum - J 940.54 RAU

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

by Allison Lassieur - J 940.54 LAS

World War II Pilots

by Michael Burgan - J 940.54 BUR

World War II Infantrymen

by Steven Otfinoski - J 940.54 OTF

World War II Navy Forces

by Elizabeth Raum - J 940.54 RAU

The World War II Soldiers' Experience

by Michael Burgan, Steven Otfinoski, and Elizabeth Raum - J 940.54

World War II on the Home Front

by Martin William Gitlin

Space Race

by Rebecca Stefoff - J 629.4 STE

The Korean War

by Michael Burgan - J 951.9 BUR

The Race to the Moon

by Allison Lassieur - J 629.4 LAS
scientist, reporter, member of Mission Control

The Civil Rights Movement

by Heather Adamson - J 323.119 ADA

The Voting Rights Act of 1965

by Michael Burgan - J 324.62 BUR

If anyone has any of these titles and can enlighten me more on the years and the starting paths, I would appreciate it. I did my best based on the snippets of information in the reviews. I had great fun reading through them.

Since all the reviews emphasize that these books are great for reluctant readers, I may get some of them for my classroom! They are also all either in the stacks at our local public library or available through interlibrary loan.

The people at Capstone Press have done a lot with this format. There's a whole Modern-Day Survival series (think, can you survive storm chasing), a Prehistoric Survival series (think, can you survive the Jurassic Period), a Doomsday Survival series (think, can you survive a global blackout), and even Ancient Greek Mythology and Ancient Norse Mythology!

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