Monday, October 31, 2022

Week Six Photos

These photos go with the post Week Six Notes (week of Oct 10).

we are still enjoying warm weather and meeting outside for school!

a graphic organizer to help students prepare for Living History Day on Thurs

each profession will have a backboard and a table to serve as the "shop" for that trade/occupation

choosing modeling beeswax for our Barbara Hepworth-inspired necklaces

looking closely at nature

and sketching what we see

the Plastic Utensils are hard at work on their backboards

of course, you can always take a break to play Sushi Go!

and solve a Ghostie Number problem

today's Colonial America Activity is Candlemaking
thank you to Lark for donating this jar of veal tallow many years ago

the Pterodactyls proudly make poured tallow candles as their contribution

they make six, one for each Colonial "shop"  

adding Leonardo da Vinci to the Inventors MLB

can you figure out how to build a bridge or arch with NO fasteners?

it's not as easy as it looks...

the nice thing about Ghostie Numbers is that you can make the problems more or less difficult

to go along with the backboards, the students research notecards
they will use these when they give their oral presentation

today's Colonial America Activity is Washing Raw Wool

this wool was donated to us as well, and came from my brother's sheep
Jack was sheared by my sister-in-law Kate in 2018

the wool needs to be washed to remove the lanolin as well as bits of dried grass, etc.

it smells just like a sheep!

Wednesday was a rainy day 

the Pterodactyls had a busy morning of indoor play time while the Plastic Utensils worked on their backboards under cover of the garage

we took a quick break to try on their costumes (smocks and hats)

they were very pleased!

of course, I ended up staying up late at night to make my own backboard for the Dressmaker

three people had facts & printed illustrations on their backboards; three people painted them to resemble background scenes from their shops  

the sparks flying from the blacksmith's forge!

I have one-on-one meetings with each child and write up a master plan with everyone's to-do lists 
(and the artifacts I need to get for them from my collection)

on the morning of Living History Day, we begin with a special guest

Chad is a professional glass artist and came to share some facts about glassblowing in Colonial America

he also brought some of his own work to share

and even donated a piece for the classroom!

we are so busy cooking that I only manage to snap one picture... the raspberry jam being spread on the puff pastry for the Raspberry Dumplings

the cook was VERY proud of his feast!  

time for the families to arrive!







families were encouraged to go down to the Fort Massac Encampment in Metropolis IL over the weekend to see the professional reenactors


after all that colonial cooking we did, I was particularly interested in this display

the children liked the Blacksmith

and the Tanner
feeling the hide of an American bison!

the cannon was really cool too, and I talked with the presenter for a long time about the wheels

maybe next time we do this we can learn about the Wheelwright

There are so many interesting things to learn about and the children asked if we could do a Living History Day each year.  I do think, though, that my preference would be to do it as the last day before Spring Break as an Expo instead of trying to tuck into October when there is already so much going on that month.  Still, we had a great time and they did a fabulous job!!!!

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