Tuesday, November 30, 2021

India Booklist (Including Books in Hindi)

Making lists is a huge part of my lesson planning process. It's really useful when you're getting organized for a main lesson block, but works in lots of other situations as well. I have a student who is really interested in India, so I'd like to put together a care package of books to send home for his family to enjoy over the long Winter Break. The first step is just to see what I have.

As always, just as with my Japan Booklist, suggestions are most welcome!

Update: I've been tracking down a lot more books in Hindi and English so that section has gotten pretty long; I've moved it to the end of the post.


Picture Books

Stories with Recipes

Indigo Kits

Festivals & Traditions


Ayurveda and Yoga


    I also have many Grapat mandala kits from Bella Luna Toys:
    green cones
    orange cones
    purple eggs
    fire cones
    pink flowers
    little blue coins
    little mushrooms
    green trees
    yellow beehives
    blue raindrops
    grey stones

Jataka Tales

Chapter Books

    The Conch Bearer

    by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


    by Nandini Bajpai
    twelfth century, YA romance


    by Supriya Kelkar
    1942 - Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom movement

    The Night Diary

    by Veera Hiranandani
    1947 - Partition of India

Resources for Learning Hindi

Books in Hindi and English

India books I don't have but would be interested in:

A big THANK YOU to Madhu Aggarwal from Parrots Books who got in touch with me to offer her support. For students who want to learn Hindi, she particularly recommended Varnamala Geet (Hindi Alphabet Chart with CD) and Beginning Hindi: A Complete Course by Joshua Pien. This is a big thick book that would be covered in 2 years of a high school language program.

*NEW* Hindi books available online for free at the International Children's Digital Library

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