Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Anti-Coloring Book

I am a really big fan of Susan Striker's work. When my kids were little I devoured Please Touch and Young at Art.

Her offerings for encouraging creativity in older children (grade 1 and up) are the Anti-Coloring Books.

While I think this series is awesome, this is definitely something where you can create your own homemade version. In fact, I would put it at the end of First Grade, when children are hankering for something to read and you want to keep it short and sweet.

Along with my Jokes for Reluctant Readers blog post, and my list of things written in Capital Letters (included in the Ruzuku course for First Grade), this could be a great opportunity for you to give your kids something to read. In Waldorf, the Capital Letters are the big focus in First Grade. It can be hard to find things written all in caps! Why not create your own anti-coloring book pages, and write the prompts all in uppercase letters? Here are some sample pages and lots of ideas for prompts (PDF). You can also visit Susan Striker's website for lots of printables. Here are some the pages Zac has done so far:

Although he really enjoys these, he gets very frustrated that he has to bring the book to me each time to read him the prompt. That's when I hit upon the idea of writing them in all caps! And what a super fun Christmas present.

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