Sunday, September 30, 2018

Photos Week Three & Week Four

everyone watches intently as Becca helps a friend
take her potholder off the loom

turning an apple washing work into a stretching and
balancing core strength work...

and just enjoying sensory play with the water

inviting an older friend to help

guess what, Mom!  
the magnolia cones are releasing their seeds

exploring my new Habitat Mats from Waseca Biomes:

creating a food web with the wooden pieces

the collaborative Cork Stamped Apple Trees

our finished artwork

Miss Aliya comes to help with Stone Soup preparations

long multiplication with the Checker Board

converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

looking at the elements of a map:  Scale

looking at the elements of a map:  Lines of Longitude
and their relationship to the climate zones

mixing up "ocean water" for an experiment in Science Club

pumpkin washing!

piling every playsilk we have onto the Pikler triangle

wait... I just found one more!

maybe a fort under the playstands would fit everyone better

why wear your boots in the rain when you
can simply carry them around on a stick?

puddle jumping

marching with long sticks

marching around in a circle as "elephants" with long noses

I think I'll just go ahead and stand in the digging pit

revisiting map skills and discussing the difficulties of transferring
continent shapes from a round globe to a flat piece of paper

looking at the actual shape of Antarctica

looking at the distorted shape of Antarctica

making our own floating compass by magnetizing a steel
felting needle and placing it inside a straw, closing the end of the straw
with modeling beeswax, and placing it in a dish of water

time for Painting Pumpkin Portraits

we have assembled quite a collection of heritage pumpkins by now

of course, color mixing is the best part of painting

our class trip to Bandy's Pumpkin Patch

Zac and Mommy hanging out in the corn maze

Becca works on a microbiology project with a professor at SIU

some of the beautiful artwork from our lessons with special
guest teacher Anna Davis Smith

Zac uses a fork as a beater and helps a friend
weave a cozy bed in the underground mole tunnel

brand-new knitters sitting side by side
two cozy stuffed chickens in the making

researching Illinois State Symbols with the IDNR bin

Becca's book report on The Great Fire

whom shall we blame for the Great Chicago Fire?
Mrs. O'Leary and her cow?
Peg Leg Sullivan?
or the Chicago Fire Department?

latitude & longitude mapping work

weekly yoga with our lovely teacher Miss Luna

reading A Nest is Noisy in Science Club
and looking at a paper wasp's nest

branch weaving... harder than it looks!

our family trip to Rolling Oak Alpaca Ranch


more fiber!

wet felted soaps... so, apparently, you can wet felt 
with alpaca fiber too

we got to walk out into the pasture

and pet Blessing

and have some "chilling out with alpacas" family time

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