Sunday, September 2, 2018

Butterfly Pictures

Last post of Summer before we head into the school year!  Here are the remaining photos from our Butterfly activities:  our family day at War Bluff Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and updating our little butterfly garden with some new butterfly-attracting native plants and our butterfly muddle.  

this is an Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary but it's not just for birds 
it has an amazing pollinator garden!

a monarch shows up right when I'm taking pictures

Becca and Natalie chilling at the craft table...

while Leah and Zac head out to catch insects!

Zac has special bug tongs

Leah is rocking the butterfly net

Mom... stop taking pictures of me!!!!!

she was so happy when she finally captured one

an old Pyrex pie pan is perfect for a butterfly muddle

Zac carefully brings the watering can to our little butterfly garden

and heads off with his wheelbarrow to pick up the plants we bought from the Farmer's Market

he's so proud of his hard work

my Clarington Forge rabbiting spade which I got years ago from my mom
made in England since 1780... they last forever

all of our supplies are gathered
ready for planting!

our finished butterfly garden

the butterfly muddle

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