Sunday, September 30, 2018

Photos from the First Week of School

from Academic Therapy Publicatioons

drawing pictures in flour while waiting to knead dough

chocolate playdough!

the old-fashioned game of Graces ...

here played with a modern "monkey in the middle" variation

heading out to collect the six parts of the biome

this tiny grasshopper was collected (and released) for Animals

our solar panel collected Energy and really lit up the lightbulb!

making wool yarn wrapped bubble wands from

Becca practices forming numbers in base 8 (octal) using the

our three recipes for Bubble Stuff...
which one is the best?

catching his bubble on his wand!

these wands make some satisfyingly huge bubbles

what happens if we mix them all together?

or add more water?
this work invites endless experimentation

time to share the results of our work with the older kids

everyone gets in on the fun

my plate tectonics map from USGS
(note the very obvious Ring of Fire)

weaving the backyard biome on our 

everyone loves the bean bin!

yes, everyone

setting out vegetables for washing

our wooden farm figures and gigantic needle felted turnip

making numbers with the 

on the light table

this student is especially fascinated by the layers inside each planet

our woven display of the Layers of the Earth

my new topographic map of Illinois

practicing skip counting using the Short Bead Chains

our first field trip:  Tower Rock

bird beak experiments in Science Club

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Ulrike said...

Wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude for your very organized and so well structured website Waldorf curriculum and for offering all the content for free! I have been piecing together our grade six curriculum and find your math skills practice links so useful! Thank you very much!