Thursday, July 22, 2021

June Photos Part II

mung bean seedlings on Sunday... having been planted on Thursday!

the next day, Monday, they are ready to eat
and are very helpful in our comparison of monocot vs. dicot

we save a box turtle crossing the road and move her to Miss Brooke's yard  

making a fermented garlic spray to (hopefully) repel the chipmunks which are nibbling our vegetable garden

we explore some monocots

everyone gets a personal onion to explore (this was a surprising hit)
we save the papery skins for dyeing with later

the onion membrane is fascinating

and they love exploring the rings!

surprisingly, the hyacinth is related to asparagus and NOT onions!

enjoying some Stamp Game division outside on a beautiful day

after building the quantitiy, it is shared out fairly between the little men

the activity set gives the problem with the correct color coding for each digit

flip the card over and reveal the answer

this "control of error" allows children to work independently, checking their work and moving on to the next problem if they got it right... and coming to find me if they got it wrong

as the days get extra hot, we open up the option of some indoor play time

baby pumpkin plants!

dying oatmeal for sensory play

this is nice measuring work

we lay the colors out in the sunshine to dry

finishing up the shoebox tapestry, a desert scene in Southwest colors

first harvest!

excitedly taking armfuls of cut weeds to classmates for a Greenery Shop

the Grass Family feast
bamboo shoots, mini corn, popcorn, sweet corn, lemongrass

we appreciate our new pop up tents for shade in the summertime

the Rainbow Oats are dry!

the horses love to snack on them

moving from the Decimal Fraction Exercise for adding and subtracting...

to the Decimal Checker Board for long multiplication

the numbers are first built in the upper right hand corner

the colored bead bars are then used to actively work with the problem 

(while solving the problem, the location of the bead bars on the mat will change based on the place value of the digits in question)

after simplification, the bars are then slid diagonally down the mat to reveal the place value of each digit in the answer

adding some pouring work to the Rainbow Oats

decorating box forts with block beeswax crayons

we admire the shape of a grass flower
(what a good thing I hadn't mowed my yard!)

grass drawing lesson from Klocek's Drawing from the Book of Nature

we also use his instructions to make a paper model of a stalk of grass

teff... the world's smallest grain!

the watermelon seedling shows its first true leaf, and reveals its Plant Family

I finally track down a horned melon for Zac to taste (and to share)

Ms. Aimee comes to share the fascinating and varied Rose Family

there are many delicious fruits in this family!

there is a lot of fascinating Botany terminology to explore

marble maze

Lincoln logs

quiet reading and handwork time

snuggling with the dog

and hanging out with the rabbit

looking at a cookbook for children

Ms. Renee, can we make this recipe?

a clever way to catch and save the water that drips from the spigot

an evening fire to celebrate the Summer Solstice

more pumpkins germinate!

SSR outside

muffin making


it's fun to see the space where the strawberry used to be

we discover beetles crawling on the magnolia blossoms... are they its pollinator?

the magnolia blossom is just fascinating 
(the stamens are at the bottom, in spiraling rows)

the tepals

thank you to the students who helped assemble Foldscopes!

quiet morning reading time before the start of a busy day

the very obvious pistil of the daylily

there are lots of flowers to look at in the vegetable garden!  




2- and 4-finger knitted snake

working hard on Star Gnomes so they'll be ready for the party

a lesson in making a gnome beard

carefully checking the pattern for the pig

showing off a solar power project

exploring oobleck with food coloring

happily, the mulberry tree that was accidentally cut down is coming back
we need it if we ever decide to raise silkworms!

a gnome is born

both early childhood children have shut themselves up securely in their forts

in case of bears, of course

marshmallow roasting party for the Mallow Family

with s'mores

but the fresh okra was the surprising hit for this plant family...

because of its goo!!!

cutting into it different ways

in the middle of all the excitement, a First Tooth is lost!

cotton is in the Mallow Family as well

as is cacao

they take the stickiness to new heights... literally

an adorable unicorn

and a fierce Triceratops

strong friendships have formed over the course of the year

we explore the Deadly Nightshade family


a feast, of course!


friends who are done with the Star Gnomes help friends who are not yet done

hmmm.... can I knit myself a gnome hat?

the gnomes are ready!  time for our Party!

our Gnome Party aka Pizza Party

sending home well-loved & unfinished chapter books for summer reading

packing up all the supplies for making gnomes

sneaking in a last few favorite board games

popsicles at the end of the day

we hang the Summer Scarves up to dry out now that school is done

good-bye and have a great summer, everyone!

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