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Ancient Egypt Booklist

I was completely obsessed with Ancient Egypt as a child, and it's always been one of my favorite things to teach about. Over the summer I did some impulse shopping and vastly expanded my collection of Ancient Egypt books. Now I have a tutoring client who wants to do a block on this topic so I need to re-organize myself. I can't simply follow my previous teaching notes because they don't include all the new titles!

So I'm going to just begin by putting all the books in a list here.

I'll also put notes as to what each book is most useful for. If something is a dud, I'll note that too. I do NOT recommend that anyone shop the way that I do, since it has put quite a strain on my house (not to mention my finances). So start with what's at your library!

The Past Lives Again by Edna McGuire
fantastic vintage textbook (1950) perfect for learning about How They Lived

The "Egypt, the Gift of a River" chapter is on pages 33-76 and covers "A Glimpse of the Nile Valley," "The People and Their Government," "New Knowledge and New Ways," "Religious Beliefs," and "Homes and Home Life."

Gods and Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology

by Geraldine Harris
many Egyptian legends told in a lively fashion as stories (with dialogue), information about pharaohs is interwoven and presented chronologically

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

by Morgan Moroney
strictly the who's who of gods and goddesses, many lesser-known deities, not as well written but very useful, sidebars & a few photographs of artifacts

The Egypt Game

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
a well-loved classic! Ancient Egypt-inspired but set in modern times

The Golden Goblet

by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
historical fiction, winner of a Newbery Honor

Mara, Daughter of the Nile

by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
historical fiction set during the time period of Queen Hatshepsut, great book but contains some sexual tension, recommended for middle school and up

books with information about dung beetles (for Ra)

String, Straightedge & Shadow: The Story of Geometry

by Julia Diggins
chapter 5, "The Rope-Stretchers"
this whole book is done in grade 6 but you can absolutely do this chapter now in grade 5 (and it is so fun to make your own Ancient Egyptian Level!)

Pharaoh's Boat

by David Weitzman
this book is amazing! so interesting! buy it! I like to read it before Pyramid


by David Macaulay
wonderful if your child is interested in tools and how-to, amazing drawings, goes extremely well after chapter 5 of String, Straightedge & Shadow
your library will definitely have this book

Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians

by Luetta and Wilmer Reimer
want to sneak in even more math? read chapter 1 about Thales of Miletus and the problem of "How High Is the Pyramid?"

Tutankhamen's Gift

by Robert Sabuda
explains the monotheism of Akhenaton and how Tutankhamen reversed it, this is one to buy

Tut's Mummy: Lost... and Found

by Judy Donnelly
nice to follow Pyramid by David Macaulay (Old Kingdom vs New Kingdom) or if your child is really really interested in the archaeological expedition but doesn't contain as many color photographs of the treasure as we had hoped

What Life was Like on the Banks of the Nile: Egypt 3050 - 30 BC

by Time-Life
if you want lots and lots of full-color photographs, this is the book for you! simply beautiful

The Mummy Makers of Egypt

by Tamara Bower
A-MAZ-ING! if you are interested in every detail of the mummification process, get this book (and goes really well with Tutankhamen's Gift)

Temple Cat

by Andrew Clements
light on information about Ancient Egypt but adorable & thought-provoking; worth getting from the library

Nile Crossing

by Katy Beebe
lovely historical fiction picture book, this is one to buy

Muti's Necklace: The Oldest Story in the World

retold by Louise Hawes
lovely retelling of an ancient legend, this is one to buy

The Story of Clocks and Calendars

by Betsy Maestro
Ancient Egyptian calendars: lunar (p.15) and solar (p.16)
they were the first civilization to switch to a solar calendar!
your library will definitely have this book

Buried Blueprints: Maps and Sketches of Lost Worlds and Mysterious Places

by Albert Lorenz
oversized book with very cool pictures which really do require a magnifying glass, contains one extremely detailed scene for each "mysterious place," Ancient Egypt scene depicts the construction of a necropolis for Ramses II

resources for activities

Life in Ancient Egypt

by Adolf Erman
I had this book but sold it. comprehensive but DENSE. to me, unusable

DK Eyewitness Books: Ancient Egypt

not yet read

Mummies Made in Egypt

by Aliki
not yet read

The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale with Hieroglyphs

by Tamara Bower
not yet read

How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt

by Tamara Bower
not yet read

Pharaoh's Soldier

by Bill Petty
not yet read

Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs

by James Rumford
not yet read

Writings from Ancient Egypt

by Toby Wilkinson
not yet read

Between Heaven and Earth: Birds in Ancient Egypt

by Rozenn Railleul-LeSuer
not yet read

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