Friday, January 15, 2016

Norse Mythology Booklist

"And so a trade was made, wisdom for wisdom..."

Leah is loving Norse Mythology and yesterday's story was chapter 6 from D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths-- the book which we are using for this block. This is the part where Odin trades one of his all-seeing eyes to Mimir in exchange for a drink from the Well of Wisdom. I love how she phrased her summary so beautifully!

I always seem to have so many books for every block but I sat down and deliberately chose just one anthology to guide us here. D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths has 30 chapters, so two blocks of four weeks each. I took a lot of time before I chose their retellings; their book of Greek Myths is not my favorite. But I think this volume is spectacularly well done! The stories go as follows (and if I see a painting/modeling/handwork connection from one of my art books I've included it here in my notes):

NOTE: You will not want to miss the pronunciation guide. It is in the back.

Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools: Classes 1 to 8
has paintings for four additional myths:
Siegfried and Mime - page 201
Siegfried slays the dragon - page 202
Weland's flight - page 203
the wild wood wife (Siegminne and Wolfdietrich) - page 204

Creative Pathways: Activities that Strengthen the Child's Cognitive Forces
has form drawing suggestions / handwork suggestions for the play "Odin the Wanderer"

These are the other books I own for this topic:

Norse Mythology And the Modern Human Being
no retellings of legends, strictly an explanation of why these are so important in Waldorf education
by Ernst Uehli, translated by Rudolf Copple

chapter 1: Mimir
chapter 2: Baldur and His Death
chapter 3: Odin and the Fenriswolf
chapter 4: Thor and the Giants
chapter 5: Freyr and Gerda
chapter 6: Odin, Vidar and Michael

The Norse Stories and Their Significance
27 stories, plus explanation of anthroposophical significance in the development of the child, no illustrations
by Roy Wilkinson

Iduna and the Magic Apples
beautiful picture book by Marianna Mayer, illustrated by Laszlo Gal

Odin's Family: Myths of the Vikings
collection of 15 stories and illustrations for each, best if you only have time for one 4 week Norse Mythology block
retold by Neil Philip, illustrated by MaryClare Foa

Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology (The World Mythology Series)
28 stories, also an excellent choice if you want to do two blocks, superior illustrations and longer more detailed retellings than D'Aulaires', which may be your preference; this book is harder to find
text by Brian Branston, illustrations by Giovanni Caselli

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