Friday, April 7, 2017


Today has been hands-down awesome! I just want to stop and give thanks.

I'm so grateful for Zac's developmental therapist, who gave us three books about baby sign language.

I'm so grateful that I just discovered there are some Waldorf teacher training workshops and classes being offered at the nearby Linden Waldorf School, in Nashville TN!

I'm so grateful for my students and how hard they worked at their research and their U.S. Territory presentations. We learned about Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.

And I'm so grateful for the AMAZING FEAST we enjoyed this afternoon!

First, the books.

Next, the teacher training.

I've been working on updating my list of upcoming Waldorf Conferences and Workshops (see the list to the left) and discovered -- much to my surprise -- that the Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan, which offers Waldorf teacher certification classes in Ann Arbor, is also branching out to offer a few classes in Nashville! Hooray! Tennessee is quite a bit closer to me than Michigan, so I'm beyond thrilled. It's not easy to find Waldorf training opportunities here in the midwest! I am pursuing my certification through the Sophia Institute, and they do allow -- even encourage -- you to take in-person classes at other establishments and transfer the credits. I appreciate that they support me taking other opportunities, and last year I did the awesome six day watercolor painting class with Gail McManus. (My notes are here. She's offering this course again this year; don't miss it!)

"Watercolor Painting: An Intensive Course"
with Gail McManus
Ghent NY - Jul 16 to 21
Santa Monica CA - Aug 7 to 12

So... now I am going to be visiting the Linden Waldorf School. Can't wait! I look forward to building relationships with collegues there as well, which may help me as we lay the groundwork for a Waldorf initiative in Southern IL.

Third... our research and reports on the U.S. Territories were great. (Natalie even lent us the Puerto Rico and Guam quarters from her collection to show.) We ended making a few quick phone calls and putting together a spontaneous Parent Expo! After Structured Word Inquiry ended at 10:30 am, the kids and I shared our reports in front of a captivated audience. Then at 11:30 the families left, the kids had a quick snack, and we began to cook. This was so the food that needed to be hot would be hot for lunch. At 12:30 everyone who was able to returned and we all sat down to a table loaded down with deliciousness!

Fourth, our recipes!

It was a lovely and very filling meal.

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!

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