Saturday, November 10, 2007

Elijah and Elisha

It always seems like no matter how slow I think I'm going, we run out of time to do our Bible stories properly. Maybe this is because I only get 45 minutes once a week. Anyway, in order to do our Jonah and the Whale wet felting project at the end of this month, I need to postpone the knitting lessons until December 2nd. I will simply tell the children that this is because I can't find any volunteers to come into the classroom and help me teach the knitting part, which is true. We will spend the rest of the month on Elijah, Elisha, and Jonah. December is knitting ornaments for Heifer, the prophet Isaiah, and putting together our classroom Nativity scene.

This means that instead of buying wooden doweling, I need to be buying dish drainer mats. :-)

November 11 - Review "The Kingdom is Divided" (900 years before Christ), p. 94 of Roy Wilkinson's Old Testament Stories, look at a map

storytelling: Elijah is taken to the heavens in a whirlwind, Elisha parting the river, the widow and the oil, bringing a child to life, pp.99-101 of Roy Wilkinson's book -- these are miracles we usually associate with Jesus Christ but he was not the only one who performed them, if it's not the exclusive power of the Son of God, what might be the purpose of these miracles? what was God trying to do here?

Naaman's leprosy -- what if what God asks of us is a small thing, not a grand thing, is there still glory in doing it?

November 18 - story of Jonah and the Whale, begin wet felting project
November 25 - finish wet felting project

For this I have loads of grey roving from A Child's Dream Come True. We will felt a large whale & I'll make a small figure to put inside his mouth, mount it on a large bulletin board covered with wavy blue recycled paper. If we had the time and the money to felt the ocean as well, I LOVE these colors from Marr Haven Wool Farm.

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