Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries

Links to lesson plans created by attendees of Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries ("A Series of Multidisciplinary Summer Institutes for Arts Educators"). This program was part of the Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies, of the College of Arts & Humanities at the University of Maryland.

These lessons are appropriate for Middle and High School students.

topic for 2000: Africa & Its Influences, Jazz & America, and Considering the Postmodern

topic for 2002: The Arts of Ancient Greece

topic for 2003: The Arts of the Renaissance

topic for 2004: The Impact of Islamic Culture on the Arts of the Renaissance

topic for 2005: Looking East, Looking West: Europe and Arabia, 1450-1750

topic for 2006: The Arts and Artistic Legacies of the West African Civilizations, 700-1600 c.e.

topic for 2007: The Portuguese Empire in the Sixteenth and
Seventeenth Centuries: Artistic and Cultural Exchange

topic for 2008: The Arts of India, 1556-1658

topic for 2009: Pre- and Post-Encounter Arts of the Early Americas

These amazing week long institutes were FREE, including Room & Board! However, sadly, they seem to be no more. There's a link to a 2010 topic: The Arts of Tibet: Cultural Exchange in the Himalayas but no resulting lesson plans. There are no links to a 2011 topic or application form.

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Magical Mom said...

Excellent links, thank you! Great ideas to meditate on to use with my children.
Can't help notice a lot of your links on the side are around Md. We are in Southern Maryland ourselves.