Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today I bought red wigglers.

Our school year starts on Monday. We are doing the first great lesson (required for Montessori), sewing felt beanbags to use with our morning circle time, beginning form drawing and watercolor painting, making applesauce with the crab apples that grow locally, and starting a new topic for Hands which is Gardening. I am hoping to have a Gardening lesson every week on Fridays. This week's topic is setting up our classroom vermicomposting bin.

Our poems for circle time this week are "Here is a Tree" and "Five Little Soldiers," both from Eric Fairman's Path of Discovery volume 1 : grade 1.

Five Little Soldiers

Five little soldiers
Standing in a row
Theree stood straight
And two stood so

Along came the captain
And what do you think?
They all stood straight
As quick as a wink

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