Sunday, February 26, 2017

Planning for Business Math and Geometric Drawing

Well, we have had a busy week!

I've been working hard on my planning for the two Math MLBs we are doing right now (one child Business Math and one child Geometric Drawing). You can find all of my notes on the website. I used to compile all of my notes and then create big PDF files and post them only at the very end of the block, but it's way too easy (being a single mom of four, from almost-2 to almost-15) to fall behind. I've found the best approach is to simply create web pages for each main lesson at the start of the block, which I then constantly update as I'm planning, teaching, or reflecting.

We just came back from a free event at the library:

    Art Workshops Inspired by Black History Month
    Sundays in February, 1:30-3:00 pm

    Join us each Sunday in February for a FREE art workshop for all ages and all skill levels.

    February 26 - Basket Weaving with the Mays Family
    Supplies provided for the first 45 participants. See the African tradition of basket weaving and weave your very own basket.

This was fun and our entire homeschool co-op went, plus one of my weekend Art/Handwork students! Today we also read They All Saw a Cat, made art inspired by the book (one child painted a cat from the point of view of a wolf, one child used oil pastels to draw a cat from the point of view of a bunny, and one child collaged a cat from the point of view of a fish), played outside, had snack, made handmade paper (we started soaking the pulp yesterday), did puppetry (my well-loved Hansel and Gretel marionettes), and knitted.

Yesterday in Art/Handwork, we read Leave Me Alone!, chose a yarn color (cherry) and wound it and began a knitted chicken, stopped and sanded our homemade needles a little bit more, had snack, wet felted an egg and put it in a (real) found bird's nest to be a Nature table decoration, chose our cookie cutters and our colors and prepared our pulp for papermaking, made apple flowers (with caramel dip, apple slices, and grapes), and played outside.

Our family went yesterday evening to the "Hate Has No Home Here" Dialogue Dinner at the Muslim Center and it was absolutely packed. I mean, packed. The entire time we were there they were bringing in more tables and chairs. We ate on chairs in the hallway. It was so great to see the whole community turn out to show so much support for the Muslim Center!

So our homeschool week looked something like this:

I also created a flyer for the Aesop's Fables & Puppetry Spring Break Camp which I'll be teaching next month, and began to promote that. Whew!

This post contains affiliate links to the materials I actually use for homeschooling. I hope you find them helpful. Thank you for your support!


Renee said...

Each student completed the Theme grid activity from Gretchen Bernabei, and shared their six possible statements aloud with the group. Here was one of our favorites, and it goes especially well with the story: "It's a burden if someone sees you sad, both for you and for that person!"

Renee said...

I wanted to update this post to state that I am absolutely appalled at the behavior of Lee Jackson, publisher of How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny. She provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. When I published an honest well-considered detailed negative review on Amazon, she wrote to me and told me, "I requested you not to publish it if it were to be unfavorable."


Do NOT buy any book published by Images Unlimited Publishing. They engage in extremely dishonest business practices, artificially inflating their books' ratings by thoroughly squelching any consumer feedback with which they disagree.