Friday, August 17, 2018

Advanced Montessori Math Workshop - Packing List

I recently led an inservice at a nearby private school on the Montessori Math materials and it was pretty in-depth. It was great to have the whole math department present, and to be able to spend four hours on this topic!

I'll be doing a much shorter version for homeschool families at the Carbondale Public Library in September, but I still want to keep my notes for the in-depth version. Each bin goes with an hour of the workshop.

I love the bins from Really Useful Box. They are really sturdy. Here's the master list of all of my Montessori math materials and where to get them.

I also just got myself a Math shirt to wear when I present. It has a great joke about binary people on it and goes well with the Multi-Base Bead Frame, which is the material I present first in Hour 1 and then revisit again in Hour 4. The Jamie York grade eight books also go with this material.

Hour 1 Topics - Box 1 Contents 17L

    sign in sheet
    my background
    business cards
    handout listing all the materials I brought and where to find them
    Dr. Montessori's background & teaching philosophy
    plain white paper
    pencil sharpeners
    my plan book
    Becca's plan book and colored pencils
    Jamie York's grade 8 student workbook & teacher guide
    Multi-Base Bead Frame (in box 4)
    box of Golden Bead Material (extra item)
    four white board markers for demonstrating color coding
    six sided dice for dice game
    ten sided dice
    Golden Bead Material Activity Set
    Stamp Game
    Stamp Game Paper
    Decimal Stamp Game (in box 4)
    Small Bead Frame
    Montessori colored pencils for green, blue, red, pink, lt blue, lt green

Hour 2 Topics - Box 2 Contents 32L

    Short Bead Chains
    Montessori Teaching Clock
    Colored Bead Bars, stamps, colored pencils
    Decanomial Paper (extra item)
    Flat Bead Frame
    Number Tiles
    Checker Board
    Checker Board Activity Set
    Decimal Checkerboard
    Bank Game

Hour 3 Topics - Box 3 Contents 32L

    graph paper multiplication lesson whole group
    small group & individual play time!
    Algebraic Peg Board (extra item)
    Pegs for the Algebraic Peg Board
    book display stand
    You Can Count on Monsters book and poster
    Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles
    Fraction Activity Sets 1, 2, 3
    Hundred Board (in box 4)
    Hundred Board Control Chart
    Roman Numerals Box (in box 4)
    Roman Numerals Hundred Board (in box 4)
    Roman Numerals Hundred Board Control Chart
    Wooden Coordinate Graph Box (in box 4)

Hour 4 Questions/Connections/Reflections - Box 4 Contents 64L

    mats for stamp game
    mats for fraction material
    Multi-Base Bead Frame
    Decimal Stamp Game
    Hundred Board
    Roman Numerals Hundred Board
    Roman Numerals Box
    Wooden Coordinate Graph Box

Extra Items

    box of Golden Bead Material
    Checker Board
    white board
    Decanomial Paper
    Algebraic Peg Board
    tote bag with NAMC training binders

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