Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do I Try to Fit Too Much in a Day?

Okay, so one of my therapists told me to take the amount of stuff I plan for in a day and cut it in half.

Which, logically speaking, means I should take the amount of stuff I plan for in a week and cut that in half.

But I LOVE lesson planning and I don't want to do less stuff and, to be honest, lots of times I don't think that we get as much done as we should. So I'm going to put this out there to the Universe (i.e. the Internet) and I would love some honest feedback.

Becca and I just got back from the grocery store with an absolutely gorgeous big blooming hydrangea plant and we now are all set for this week in school. At first I was happy but then this idea of "do I try to fit too much in a day?" keeps niggling at me in the back of my mind.

So I went from being happy and excited about the week to being discouraged and thinking that maybe I'm not setting myself up for success.

So with all of that introduction, here is what my plan book says for the week:


(I should clarify that I am teaching two 12 year olds and they like to do two separate, but related, MLBs. So I don't have one child slogging through BOTH Geology and Astronomy!)

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Catherine said...

Hi Renee,
I think it's one of those how long is a piece of string? questions. Looking at your plans, it is impossible to tell how long each thing will take, what is involved etc., Perhaps it is better to ask, do you feel that you are struggling to fit it all in? Are you asking your students to hurry up every day? Does the amount of planning you do stop you from doing other things in your life that are equally or more important?

I struggle with the life balance thing, so I could just as easily ask myself these questions ��

I also relate to the sense of "it feels like we're not doing enough." Again, a question: What would "doing enough" look like? How would you know that you had done enough?

Whenever I find myself worried about these things I go back to the basics of Why are we homeschooling? What do I really want for my children? Time goes so fast and there never seems to be enough of it to get to all the things I want to, or could, cover.
I have to keep reminding myself to prioritise: Must do. Like to do. Ok if we skip it.

I forget the ratio of doing to planing that Steiner suggested, but I seem to think it was about a third of what we plan.

Hope something here is helpful��