Monday, July 23, 2007


Good old-fashioned family fun. That's what playing Duck, Duck, Goose was. I don't think we've EVER had so much fun together as a family! I felt like I was six years old again, that tensing and listening ever so closely as the person gets to you, seeing if you're going to be the Goose... The children all had a blast. I highly recommend it!

Today we decided to spend an extra day on rivers and do the fish and duck moving picture from The Children's Year. It was nice to get back to basics Waldorf-wise and do a simple watercolor painting day. I really enjoyed it. I liked our very Montessori-ish Saturday lesson of making sea water, but Natalie seemed to be more tired than usual after school that day. I don't know if it was co-incidence or if doing something more structured and academic truly did wear her out.

Back to Basics

We established an Opening Verse for school, something that had fallen away with just doing it casually in the living room.

In the morning at the sunrise
When the light of day doth break,
Children’s souls, by angels guided,
Sleep from rested body shake,
Ready now for work and learning,
Happy, steady, and awake.

A painting verse:
Now I take the brush so gently
In my hand with loving care
Watch the color flow so softly
On the paper clean and clear.

What you'll need:
three colors of Stockmar watercolor paint (red, yellow, blue)
a jelly jar for each plus one extra for clean water (I like jelly jars because I have a terrible time getting the lids off baby food jars)
a 1/2 inch paintbrush
a large kitchen sponge for drying the brush after it is rinsed
two pieces of smallish watercolor paper
two pieces of Plexiglass, slightly larger than your watercolor paper

We painted the duck yellow and the river around him blue. On the second paper Natalie painted a second yellow duck and two red fishes.

Notes on preparing watercolor paints from faeriedust2001

After it's mixed, KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE.

HTH! I'll add more verses to my official homeschool binder as I scrounge them back up (I hadn't realized how far from Waldorf we had drifted) and will share them here as well.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day :) Just wanted to pop in to give the perm link to the watercolor recipe, as it's slid down the page now:

How to mix Stockmar watercolor paints