Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Skink Singular and Moths Plural

Oh, the animals just keep on coming! (Rebecca told me today that she has decided to ask Santa Claus for a bunny. Good thing he's going to have lots of time to plan that one). Yesterday afternoon Natalie discovered a blue-tailed skink on our screen porch and asked me if we could keep him. I told her that we can't keep him since he's a wild animal but we can put him in a terrarium and observe him for a few days. Our butterfly pavilion is also full of gypsy moths coming out of their cocoons.

Today was a playdate for the children in the AM and then pizza night with their dad. Sometimes it seems like I don't get to see them much! I know this isn't true but it just seems that way. We spent the afternoon doing errands. Tomorrow I don't have to work at all so it will be beach and playground. We have been doing a lot of Mother Goose rhymes since the children are interested in sounds. One favorite that we did tonight is Gold Lock, Gold Key. It goes like this - one person says the type of lock, the other responds with the matching key. At the end you trick the respondent into saying they are a donkey! Natalie thought it was completely hilarious. You can also do it with monkey.

1. I am a gold lock.
2. I am a gold key.

1. I am a silver lock.
2. I am a silver key.

1. I am a brass lock.
2. I am a brass key.

1. I am a lead lock.
2. I am a lead key.

1. I am a monk lock.
2. I am a monk key!

The children also enjoyed Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Nose, Mouth, and Chin.

I think that Mother Goose rhymes are suitable for grades K, 1, and 2. And some of them I still enjoy as an adult!

Nice illustrated versions abound; I particularly enjoy Salley Mavor and Clare Beaton's work (I like fabric art illustrators). I also love an old Mother Goose book that was my great-aunt's. She says that there used to be no such thing as children's picture books. MG was all you got. It amazed her that a billion dollar a year business sprung up out of nowhere. Her book is beautiful -- although it is falling apart -- and has many rhymes that you never even see anymore.

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