Monday, May 12, 2008

A Venison Situation

I am finding myself here in a bit of a venison situation. The local food pantry gave me two 5 pound bags of frozen ground venison. I thawed one out but now I'm realizing that that means that I have to find uses for all five pounds of it immediately - I can cook something and refreeze it if it is thoroughly cooked but I can't refreeze the raw meat. And we are not big meat eaters, certainly not the beef and other red meat families, so I am scratching my head trying to remember what people do with ground meat! :-)

So far I have come up with sloppy joes and we'll have that for dinner. The FP gave us a can of sloppy joe sauce as well so that was a happy coincidence. Now I am making a sauce for a macaroni casserole with ground meat, onion, green peppers, diced tomatoes and whatever else I can find. I remember about shepherd's pie... oh yeah, and there's meatballs and pasta sauce over spaghetti. That might be good.

Anyway, things are exciting here and I hope the power doesn't go out in this storm because it's good food and I don't want to have to throw it away! We try not to waste food in this house since money is so tight. Even if it is a kind of food I don't know how to cook. Ha ha.

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fbw said...

What about just making meat balls and freezing them for later? Or just browning it and making like venison "crumbles" that you could use again later?! And then freeze it in like 2 cup amounts or so that you could use again later- Would be great to add to crock pot recipes later...
Hope that helps :)